A:what are the solutions to the Quadratic equation x^2 +4=0?B:what is the factored form of the quadratic equation x^2+4?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct answer for question A is x=2i or x= -2iThe correct answer for question B is (x+2i)(x-2i)Step-by-step explanation:Solution of question A:x²+4=0Subtract 4 from both sides.x²+4-4=0-4x²=-4Take square root of both sides√x²=+/-√-4We know that i=√-1So,x=+/-(√4)(√-1)x=+/-2iTherefore x= 2i, x= -2iSolution of question B:x²+4It cannot be factored using real number coefficient. You have to use complex numbers.As we know -4 =(2i)², so we can write as:x²+4=x² - (-4)= x²-(2i)²Now factor using the difference of squares:x²+4=(x+2i) (x-2i)....